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Original Quilt and Sewing Patterns from Mitzie Schafer are available for purchase and download here.

Dandyridge PDF Quilt Pattern Download

Dandyridge PDF Quilt Pattern Download


Dandyridge follows modern quilt principles using simple Half Square Triangles for major impact.


Finished quilt: 60” x 72”

Finished block: 12” x 12”

Number of blocks total: 30 (Eliminate Row A for a 60” square quilt)

Number of pieced blocks: 16


- Dandyridge Quilt pattern uses all Half Square Triangles and some smaller background squares to construct the three basic block types.

- There are no patterns to the color combinations of the blocks, however, I did a ROY G BIV pattern for the sample on the cover.

- The pattern is written to minimize piecing time by utilizing a practice called “chain stitching.” Chain stitching involves having pieces cut and ready to sew together. After sewing the first piece, instead of cutting the tails and starting a new piece, you simply feed the next piece through the machine making a chain of pieces. For more information check Youtube for chain piecing videos. It is simple.

- All seams are 1/4”.

- Directions are written for pressing seams open. Pressing to the “dark side” is also appropriate.


- Background Fabric: 4 yards

- Scraps or Fat Quarters of 10-20 different corresponding fabrics (Scraps 5” or larger)

- Three-quarters yard for binding

- 65” by 77” of backing and batting

- Basic sewing and quilting notions

- Long straight pins for matching seams throughout the assembly process

- Pencil or fabric marker

- Ruler with a 45 degree line for cutting squares

- New blade and rotary cutter

Fabric Notes:

- For the sample on the cover, I used a layer cake of Garden Delights II and Kona Solid in White for the background.

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