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I am available for your retreat, local guild or quilt shop for any of the following classes, trunk shows or workshops. For a fee list or to schedule, contact me directly at mitzie@jitterywings.com. 


The Painted Cow

In the painted cow class, you will learn the freedom of raw edge applique design and the impact “thread painting” can give to an image on a quilt. Considered primarily as an art quilting form, this class is designed for those who have quilted in the past, meaning you understand your machine and the fundamentals of free motion quilting. It doesn’t mean you need to “feel” like you are perfect or even good at it, it just means you need to understand how it works and have done it some. If you can stipple, or use a walking foot for quilting you should be fine. She really is pretty easy to make.

The class is 12 hours long and can be taught over 2 or 3 days.  This class is excellent for a retreat setting, guild or local quilt shop. During the 12 hours, participants have the necessary time to complete their cow, although everyone works at different paces.  A materials list is sent to participants prior to the class so everyone can come prepared. To schedule the class or for a fee list contact me by email at mitzie@jitterywings.com. 


A Trunk Show

I have a large number of original quilts available for a trunk show and lecture. I am willing to share my journey to quilting, which includes a diagnosis of Tarlov Cysts Disorder as a lecture. See my about page for details. I am also willing to lead a lecture on raw edge applique and thread painting.

Add a trunk show to a workshop to round out a retreat or day. Includes show & tell with Q&A time. For a fee list contact me at mitzie@jitterywings.com. 

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Quilt Yoga Workshop

Learning a motif and repeating it will only get you so far in your quilting skills... For 10+ years I taught students to improve and master their pottery skills by teaching them to “feel” the clay in relationship to their body. After developing Tarlov Cysts and being required to give up pottery, I found quilting because I could “feel” the stitches like I did the clay. 

My new Quilt Yoga Class is born out of the same concept I used to teach pottery. We can teach our bodies to “feel” the movements and create more fluid and smooth quilting. It requires training in self awareness and intentionality. It requires developing “your own practice,” just like in yoga. No two people will ever quilt exactly the same way, at least not well.

This class uses multiple drills (or stretches if you will) to help participants develop their own “Quilt Yoga Practice” to match their strengths and weaknesses for success. Drills are processed and suggestions made for improvement. Participants will use this new information to identify their optimal quilting posture and pose. 

The class is 6 hours long with an hour break for lunch or dinner. A materials list is sent to participants prior to the class so everyone can come prepared. To schedule the class for your retreat, guild or shop please contact me by email at mitzie@jitterywings.com. I am also available for private lessons. A fee list is available by email.